“Appreciate your customer support attitude”

–Ibrahim Malkawi

“I have been very impressed with your software and what you have done with Excel.  I too am an expert in Chemical Engineering...”

–G. Bushey III, SPEC Consultants

“Thanks Steve, love the program”

–C. Taylor, CRT Design

“Thanks—TankJkt works very well, has lots of features and detail, and will come in handy in the future."

–T. Claffrey, The Austin Company

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the CD this morning and I am impressed. Thanks for everything."

–B. Parker, Cytec Corporation

“I purchased your Tankjkt and pipe programs while I was in college back in 2001. I'm still using them to this day. Thanks again for your wonderful products.” (received in February, 2011)

– H. Garcia, Clougherty Packing, LLC

“Thank you for your amazingly quick and thorough reply to our inquiry. We were very pleased to hear that the product should be usable in our application, and have proceeded apace.”

–J. Sparks, Measurement Analysis Corporation

"I just got a compliment from my boss for my analysis of the process pipe vacuum sizing. I am not telling them that your PipeSize made it easy and fast. PipeSize also gave us an overview of what would happen with bigger and smaller pipes. All the backup data that PipeSize shows makes me look like a science professor.

B. Blakely, Hitachi

Things like molecular weight, viscosity, mass flow rate, Reynold's nos, friction factors - these things look professional. My other choice was a text book with one chart that needed correction factors and did not even have the range of conditions I needed. No comparison."

"Nice job – great product"

"...this is quite an impressive piece of work!"

"PIPESIZE is great for sizing pipes. It's fast, easy, accurate and flexible!"