The best way to receive prompt and thorough technical support is through email. Please send a description of your issue. If you think it will help, attach your spreadsheet completed with the data that is giving you the problem. Please include your telephone number, time zone, and best time to reach you if you would like a call back.

The most common reported problem is that the worksheet is not calculating or “#VALUE!” appears in many of the cells. If this seems to be your problem, check to be sure that Macros are enabled. Our spreadsheets utilize VBA function subroutines and Macros must be enabled for them to work. You need a Windows computer with Excel 97 or later, or a Macintosh with a pre-2007 version of Excel that includes VBA. The current Macintosh Excel program, and Open Office, do not support VBA and our software will not function correctly.

Instructions for enabling macros

For Excel 97 through Excel 2003, use Tools… Macros… Security to access the Macro security dialog box. Choose Low or Medium security. Restart Excel.

For Excel 2007 and Excel 2010, navigate to Macro Security on the Developer ribbon in the Code section. If you choose the “Disable all macros with notification” option, each time you open a ChemEngSoftware spreadsheet you must click on the “Options…” button next to the Security Warning that appears, and then “Enable this content” to allow the Macros to run. You also have the option to save your spreadsheet in the macro-enabled format (*.xlsm) to avoid seeing the security message.

You may also call me (Steve Hall) at (203) 297-8123. For technical support it’s more efficient to email so I have a chance to investigate your issue before responding. However, please call if you have a complicated question or would like to discuss consulting services.