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Pressure drop template  |  FREE

Incorporate this Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) function into your Excel spreadsheets to calculate the pressure drop for water flowing in pipes. You must enable macros for your spreadsheet; if you use Excel 2007 or later, open the workbook then save it in the new macro-enabled format (.xlsm).This free download is restricted to liquid water and U.S. units (pounds, inches/feet, deg F).

Timeline Graphic App | $4.99  BUY NOW

This worksheet creates Gantt chart style timelines that can be pasted into a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document. You decide how many activities (rows) and time increments (columns) to include in your graphic. Define the time units and format. For each activity, specify the start, duration, and bar color. Timeline Graphic then draws the bars and copies the graphic to the Clipboard. After you switch to your presentation or Word document, simply Paste and your timeline appears. Please view the video to see this in action. Timeline Graphic is designed to be replicated in your Excel workbooks. When you copy the worksheet (Edit… Move or Copy…), the underlying Visual Basic code is automatically copied with it.


Instrument Datasheets App | $9.99  BUY NOW

When you need to purchase instruments for your facility, good engineering practice dictates that clear specifications be created. This workbook contains specification datasheets for most popular sensors, controllers, and control valves. The datasheets have sections for project information, process information, and instrument requirements. Vendors are used to the format and can efficiently respond to your request for quotation.

The Instrument Datasheets App includes the following worksheets: