Bacharach on the Rhine

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View from Oberwesel CastleThe Rhine River, from Bingen to Koblenz, is pure German stereotype. Lined with castles dating from the 10th to 18th century, some being in the middle of the river, it's a river valley steeped in history.

Ferry at StolzenfelsVillages dot both sides of the river. You can drive up one side, take a ferry across, then drive back the other. Or take the train and get off at one of the picturesque towns. Stay overnight in a castle or guest house. Breathe in the history, sample the wine, buy souvenirs.

Watch tower backed by hillside vinyardsBacharach is one such village. It's over 1000 years old and very attractive. There are 16 watch towers, half-timbered houses and a wine-growing school. Some of the city walls still exist, as does the Staufen fortress Stahleck, now a youth hostel.

We found competitively priced souvenirs of all types: nutcrackers, cuckoo clocks, steins, pottery and Hummels. It was fun walking all over town and up the steep hill to the remains of the castle. See Gregory perched on an ancient footbridge, self-supported without mortar, showing wear from millions of footsteps before him.

SouvenirsWatch tower seen through the treesWatch tower in BacharachOld stone bridge


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